Friday, 20 November 2009

47 out of 70 - Almost at 50!!

Week 10 - 70 Presents Challenge
  • Number of presents ready to wrap = 47
  • Number of lovely things from fellow bloggers = 2
  • Number of things handmade by me = 0 (but I did get some cool fabric to make a tea cozy)
  • Number of great new present ideas = 1
You will all know that I am slightly in love with Phillip Schofield from past posts.

I often have This Morning on in the background if I am at home (incidentally I love Holly as the new presenter). Yesterday the lovely Phil as well as providing me with a signed photo for present number 14 for my mum also gave me the idea for present number 47. What a guy! 3 young lads were being interviewed as they are trying to make a movie of a little known Jules Verne book called 'Clovis Dardentor'. As young guys with no prior experience they are obviously unable to raise the finance needed to make a proper film so they hit upon the idea of selling the film credits at the end of the film to the public for £1 each to raise the money (check out the website.). It is such a great idea. Celebs like Phillip Schofield and Stephen Fry have now got involved and have helped them out with publicity and by appearing in a short promotional film called 'Jam' designed to show off their film making talents which is available online next week. Check out the trailer....

I love the idea and the spirit of this project. I admire the guys for getting off their backsides and making this happen and the fact that some celebrities have taken the time to help them out to ensure they achieve their dream of making this film. It also makes a great (cheap!) unusual present for my mum. So they just need to raise a million pounds (they are well on the way) and make the film and then my mum can go the cinema, sit back with some popcorn and watch her name come up in the title credits. Fab. Thank you Phil. You rock!!


  1. thanks so much for your lovely comments about my offerings... and the superhero cape. harry does love his, jumps off the stairs - ta da! off to bed after an exhausting day in London. X Bridget

  2. have you seen these for a random gift idea?

    kate xxx


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