Friday, 6 November 2009

40 out of 70 - Slowing Down

Week 8 - 70 presents challenge

  • No of presents ready to wrap = 40 (not bad)
  • No of presents made by me = 0 (I have an excuse - see below!)
  • No of presents sent by lovely friends = 1
  • Money donated to charity on behalf of my kind fellow bloggers = £25 (see my 'give a granny' post)
Slow progress this week but I am not a slacker (honestly!). I've been busy manically sewing for my first christmas craft market on Saturday in Bristol. The Misi Makers event.

Have been making...............

Girls activity bags (filled with pads, colouring books, puzzles, little ponies, play doh and crayons)

Purses (include a chocolate coin and mini doll or marbles)

Big and Little Sewing Kits

Tu Tu's

Crayons Rolls (Thanks to Dinky Daisy for the cool cars, frogs and butterfly fabrics)

Baking Bags (include rolling pin, whisk etc etc)

Buggy Blankets


I'm a bit sewn out to be honest. Can't wait to sit on the sofa watching TV again rather than sewing every evening but really looking forward to the event (a day on my own!) and seeing all the other stalls. Will take some photos.

Its a bit of a sad day today actually as Izzy and Sam's Great Grandma died. She was nearly 92 and until recently had been living at home independently so had a good life. She was a lovely lady who was always immaculately dressed despite being blind for many years. She told me a lovely story once about giving birth during the second world war. Apparently the new mums were forbidden to get out of bed for a week after giving birth so when the air raid sirens went off the nursing staff rushed off to the air raid shelters with the babies while the mothers stayed in bed wearing a tin hat for protection. It always makes me laugh when I think about it although must have been very frightening at the time. We will  miss her lots.


  1. I'm sorry about Great Grandma, happy memories though. What a fab story. Good luck tomorrow. Your makes look great so you should do well. Fingers crossed for a sunny crisp day to get the customers rolling in.
    Rachael XX

  2. what a great story from a special lady who i imagine will be greatly missied and thought of often...
    good luck with the misi event tomorrow and i think you soon forget all about being all sewn out when you come home with a pocket full of money!!!!

  3. Sorry about Great Grandma, it is always hard to lose someone, but what a fab age to get to. I am loving those bags and purses. I am hopeless with zips, if you find the time can you do a tutorial for a little beginner like me!!!!


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