Thursday, 1 October 2009

Sowing the seeds of love

I received a fabulous parcel today for my mum from the lovely Kelly of  A place of my own. Kelly had emailed me to say she was sending me some seeds. Check out the cute little packets that came with them!

What she didn't say was that the parcel also included this set of gorgeous homemade notecards with envelopes that are beautifully wrapped and ready to give to my mum. I love them!

and a snow globe that you can put a picture in. What a fab idea. My mum will love this. Izzy absolutely loves the snow globe and has already decided that we should put a picture of her in it!

What a lovely lovely package to receive in the post. Thank you Kelly. I keep thinking about Amberlifes post yesterday about 'paying it forward' when someone does you a kindness and I figure that I've got a lot of paying it forward to do over the next few months!!


  1. Hello, could you email me your mums favourite colur as you have won my giveaway!

  2. Oh I love your beautiful blog - so bright and cheerful - you have inspired me and made my day so much richer!! Thankyou !!

  3. Glad you liked it all. The cards are 8 different flower photos, all taken by me this summer. Oh and the seed packets are from Harrod Horticultural online. I am glad you liked the snow globe, I have been keeping them in a bottom drawer just waiting for a opportunity to use them.


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