Monday, 26 October 2009

Sew busy

I have been sewing like a woman possessed over the week-end to try and get some stock together for my Christmas markets. What do you think?

Tooth fairy cushions with a poem and a chocolate coin

Baking Bags (include rolling pin, whisk, wooden spoon, cookie cutters, cupcake cases and 2 recipes)

Boys Activity Bags (These contain little note pads, toy cars, toy soldiers, mini play dough, a dinosaur and mini playing cards.

Bibs (need snaps and an iron!)

Aprons (excuse the terrible photos!)

Crayon rolls

Any feedback welcome - likes/dislikes??? I'm working on some little girls activity bags and lots more crayon rolls plus want to make some little purses and little first sewing kits. Fed up of sewing now though just want to watch TV with a large glass of wine!


  1. Wow, What an amazing amount of beautiful pieces you have made! I am sure they will be a sell out on your christmas stall! xxx

  2. Ooh, they all look gorgeous items! Good luck with it all x

  3. You've been very busy! They all look great and I'm sure they'll sell well!

  4. Everything you have made looks great :-)

    I know what you mean about being fed up... I am making stock for my Christmas Market, and could very much do with a break!

    Hope you have a great week :-)

    Rose X

  5. Well done you! I am so jealous you had a whole weekend to yourself! I love the baking bags with the retro applique, my favourite is the pink spotty one on the left of the third photo. I love all the fabrics you got at fiddlesticks by the way. Kate xx

  6. wow super busy, everything looks fab, some great christmas gifts:-)

  7. Lovely products. i know what you mean though, I have three fairs coming up and have had to get loads of stock ready which I'm now worried I'll never sell ....

  8. Boys activity bags a winner! Good job, all looks fab.

  9. I love them all, they are a great idea, now why didn't we think of those activity bags first!

  10. Wow busy! Fantastic! You will sell out! So cool x

  11. Wow! your stuff is lovely! They will fly out the door! x


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