Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Not a hope in hell!

Trying to get some new items together for my Christmas markets at the moment. Yesterday after much dithering I finally finished a few new tooth fairy cushions and some hairbands.

Have decided to add a little chocolate coin along with the poem in the pockets seeing as its nearly Christmas and its a good excuse to have loads of chocolate in my sewing room! Got a list as long as my arm of things to I want to make for the markets. Jon is taking Izzy and Sam to his dads for the weekend soon which means that I'll get a whole week-end of making stuff without any interuption which will be great as I am beginning to panic slightly. My list of things to make so far is:
  1. Tooth fairy cushions
  2. Baking bags
  3. Aprons
  4. Activity bags/little tote bags
  5. Crayon rolls
  6. Hair clip tidy thing
  7. Hair clips/bands
  8. Sewing kits
  9. Purses
  10. Bibs
  11. Little hanging hearts
  12. Little Bean bags
  13. Christmas decorations
Haven't got a hope in hell of achieving this list but I can dream! Oh yeah and I've still got 42 presents for my challenge to to make/find or buy!! I need a drink..................

Its always nice when someone gives you lovely feedback on something they have bought so thanks to Cosmic Eden for the lovely mention on her blog today. I was also featured on Cuteable which was also very exciting. A pretty good day all round. Not sure the night will be the same tho as Sam has been waking up at 1am and staying awake til 4am for the last 5 nights. He is ok if you pick him up and cuddle him but if you don't he screams and has started headbutting the cot! Took him to the doctors today as was a bit concerned about this latest development (he is usually such a chilled out little boy!) Apparently headbutting things is quite common in this age group. The doctor thought he might have a virus and he was a bit chesty but her advice was to wait until he is 100% well and then do controlled crying and ignore the headbutting! Hope it doesn't come to that and he sleeps better once he starts feeling well again. Just when you think you've got everything under control it all goes pearshaped!


  1. I'm thinking your list is tooooooo looooooooonnnnnnggggg girlfriend :) Choose your favorites and sell those only. My experience is focusing on 3 or 4 items and having lots of those increase sales. When people have too much to choose from....they don't buy more...they buy less.

    I on the other hand love your work....it looks wonderful and fun. I would be the one filling my bags full and loving every minute of it!!! Great fabric.


  2. You poor thing - disturbed nights are a killer! Still, you seem to have done very well on the sewing front in spite of it all! Hope he gets better soon.

    Pomona x

  3. I think the headbutting thing (trypical toddler behaviour!) must be true as since she could walk, Ruby enjoys nothing better than running upto the sofa and beadbutting it! I was convinced she must be wrong in the head! I have given up trying to stop her as she just laughs at me and does it more! Luckly though she doesnt do it on hard surfaces!
    Hope he settles soon....5 nights no sleep is a bit harsh on all partys involved!

  4. Hope you get a full nights sleep tonight! Not fair and not funny night after night - just as well Samkins is adorable! xxx

  5. P.S. your work is GORGEOUS! Love the fabrics. I'd struggle to part with any! I'd make a rubbish business women - I'd keep everything!

  6. hi louise, Tompom's been headbutting for months now and likes nothing more than to plonk himself down in a corner and knock his head against something hard to get attention, my eldest too neither did but I'm hoping he'll grow out of it soon!!!
    have a great weekend sewing, definitely turn off the computer so that you won't be temted to come on a chat to everyone instead of sewing!!!
    I haven't forgotton your id holder and luggage tag and will pm you in the next few days

  7. My list is looking similar... Sorry to hear about Sam's sleeping. I've never been able to do controlled crying, Supernanny might say I was a wimp, I just give in and have the cuddles - I put my son in a bed at 18months so I can just jump in too if he wakes up unhappy - better than him coming into my bed which is a harder habit to break once they just get up in the night and wonder in! Did the same with my daughter and she never wakes in the night since she was 2 or 3 - they just need to know your there if they need you I guess. Good luck and I hope he's back to his normal self soon so you can get on with your list!


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