Sunday, 11 October 2009

Make a child happy this Christmas

A couple of years ago a playgroup I attended did the 'shoebox' appeal. Basically you get  a shoebox and fill it with small toys and its gets sent to a child in the world who would not ordinarily receive anything at Christmas. I loved the idea of this and did one and I've been meaning to do it again ever since but as is usual when you have a busy life its been forgotten about until now. I saw a link to the charity that organises it today on the Folksy forum. Its called OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD so I had a look and theres a collection point at a shop about 10 minutes from where I live. So in the next couple of weeks I am going to do two boxes - one for a boy from Sam and one for a girl from Izzy. People have been so kind to me over the last month donating things for my mums present challenge that it feels right to be giving something back and the things only have to be small - felt tips or crayons, a toy car, hair bands - little things that you find in the supermarket for less than a pound.

I talked to Izzy about it today and once she realised I wasn't going to give HER toys to the other children she agreed that it would be nice to send something to another child who might not get anything. She then asked why Father Christmas didn't just go and deliver them presents. Wasn't really sure what to say to that 'he runs out of time' was my lame response!

Anyway if you have the time - have a look at the link and find out more about it. Watch the video of the reaction of the children receiving their boxes to see why its such a great thing to do and if you can put a link to the charity on your blog that would be great too!

Watch Video


  1. Hi Louise, Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I too have a drop off not far away so will definately put together a gift box. I have added the badge to my blog. Kate xxx

  2. My mum does this every Christmas through her church. I love the idea of doing one from Sam and Izzy. That is lovely. Piran already has more toys than he will ever need so I might do one with bits we have here!

    I saw this and thought of you - perhaps there would be some ideas for your Mum?

  3. Great idea. I am going to do one too! Wanted to last year but missed the deadline. I was thinking of putting some good quality but recycled toys from Sawyers collection in too. Be lovely to think of a child receiving the box and being really happy to open it! x

  4. Oh yeah, my hubby is talking about it almost every week, someone at his work organises it as well, so the most difficult task is to find a shoebox now! :D

    xD I think I would have been worried as well about my toys... My mum used to make me little animal toys, mostly knitted, and I had to take them ALL into bed with me every night. They usually ended up on the floor during the night, but I couldn't have given them away.

    Indeed, why wouldn't Father Christmas go and take some toys to poor children and orphans? *has to think about it to come up with excuse if in need* :P


  5. Thanks for this post. I think I will sort one out with my almost 3 year old so he understands about giving and not just receiveing.



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