Saturday, 10 October 2009

Lets talk about Isabella

Last night was the first meeting of our reading group (I'm the one with the purple butterfly top!). I can't believe it actually happened. I am usually rubbish at organising things but last night following my drunken idea a couple of months ago, 8 mums met to discuss the book we had all ben reading for the last month 'We need to talk about Kevin' by Lionel Shriver. A nice cheery tale of a teenage boy who kills his father, sister and schoolmates witha crossbow! It was great fun (the meeting not the book). We actually managed to have a really good discussion about the book and our feelings on the mother/son relationship in it and it felt really good to be able to have an opinion on something and to be able to voice it without feeling like an idiot (although the 4 large glasses of wine did help!).

General concensus was a really interesting thought provoking story which really made you think about parent/child relationships but most of us struggled with her style of writing finding it too long winded and wordy. We've decided on our next book which is 'Notes from an exhibition' by Patrick Gale.

I didn't get home til 1am.  Apprently Sam woke up every half hour during the night (we think he's teething again) but I didn't hear a thing! Jon had to deal with it all while I merrily snored away. I had my punishment today though as I felt really hungover all day but had to go present shopping for Jons Birthday.

Thinking the book should have been called 'Lets Talk about Isabella' at the moment as my lovely gorgeous well behaved daughter has turned into a monster since hitting 4. Please tell me this is a phase??? Shes become really aggresive and keeps hitting us whenever she doesn't get her own way. Any ideas anyone? Whatever we do she just says 'I don't care'. Driving us nuts as shes usually so well behaved.

Should have done the lottery this week I think as I have won another giveaway. Can't believe my luck!
This time a gorgeous personalised picture for Isabella's room by Petal Textiles. Its beautiful and I can't wait to see it.


  1. My husband got me that book when I was pregnant for the first time, it scared the bejesus out of me! As far as the four's go, Jamie has only been four for a couple of days but I hear you on the hitting front... he's definitely gotten a temper in the last couple of months and that's how he expresses it a lot of the time. And the lying! Hoping it just a phase...

  2. I remember hearing that book on Radio 4 - it was a bit heartrending - I am not sure I could bring myself to revisit it. Little ones can be difficult, but if you keep ignoring the bad behaviour and reward the good then it pays off in the end. Sometimes they are just trying out something to see what sort of reaction they will get, and if you don't react to the naughtiness, but only respond positively to the good, they will then give up the undesirable behaviour. But it is hard for you, I do understand.

    Pomona x

  3. I really enjoyed that book, although it is not a very happy book it is set where I grew up which always adds another dimension to the whole reading experience.


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