Thursday, 29 October 2009

I'll need more fabric then

In the post today I received my fab giveaway prize from Amanda at Kitschy Coo. A pattern and tutorial to make one of her gorgeous reversible coats.

I am really keen to give this a go so as soon as my Christmas markets are out of the way I will start making one for Isabella and report back as we go. I have NEVER made a coat before. In fact I have only ever made 2 items of clothing before so it will be a real learning curve for me AND it contains buttons which means BUTTON HOLES! Should be interesting. What a great excuse to go and buy more fabric anyway. If you haven't already then you must check out Amanda's blog. Its hilarious and regularly makes me choke on my cup of tea (with laughter) as well as being very inspirational. I can't believe her work rate and the number of fabulous things she makes. She also posts tutorials on a regular basis and is the photoshop queen!

I also received a 'bonjour' T shirt I had ordered from She Draws on Folksy for my french brother in laws birthday.

I'm really pleased with it. She Draws is very talented and has a great folksy shop full of quirky jewellery and other lovely things so check it out for Christmas presents.

Night 3 of tough love was ok. Half an hour of controlled crying at 12.30am and a one off visit at about 3.30am was not bad. Sam has been sick twice today tho so feeling a bit guilty in case he actually wasn't feeling well last night. I guess that knocks it on the head for the next couple of nights as obviously he needs to be 100% well. Guess we might be in  for a bad night tonight!


  1. Thats a fab coat. good luck!
    I love the tee-shirt. I may have to get that for my brother for Christmas!
    I am attmepting to buy all my presents from fellow crafters this year! Going to start blogging about it later! Kx

  2. Can't wait to see what you make! Don't be intimidated by the fact 'it's a coat', it's not that hard, honest. Just don't tell my customers that ;)


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