Wednesday, 21 October 2009

I used to have a brain - honestly

Today I cracked. After a year of excuses I agreed to join the committee at Izzy's pre school. The pre-school which is FANTASTIC is unusual in that it is run entirely by a committee made up of parents rather than a school or local authority. The committee is responsible for the hiring and firing of staff and for all the financial decisions. If not enough people volunteer to go on the committee then the pre school basically has to close. Its a bit of a weird way to operate given that children usually only attend pre-school for a year (2 at max) so the committeee constantly changes as children leave to go to school. Izzy being a late September birthday will attend for 2 years. I managed to get away with not being involved last year as I had just had Sam but I no longer have an excuse so am attending my first meeting tomorrow. Thing is I haven't got a brain anymore. I can barely string 2 words together, can 't remember what I did yesterday and have developed a worrying habit of leaving the gas rings on whenever I cook anything. How on earth can I be expected to have an opinion at a meeting?? Luckily the meeting is in a pub which might help! How did this happen to me. I used to have a brain. I've got a degree and a professional qualification. I used to be a child protection social worker and be responsible for vulnerable children and give evidence in court and everthing!! What happened?? I blame my children. Please reassure me that my brain will come back and wish me luck at my first meeting.

Want to say a big big thanks to the lovely Deb (Hennie on MISI) who has very kindly sent me a gorgeous patchwork Christmas tree decoration for my mums birthday.

This will be hung on her tree on Christmas day and kept for every Christmas after too. What a lovely surprise. Deb is also a fantastic knitter and has made the most gorgeous knitted Pudsey Bears for Children in Need which are available from her website now and are only £5.

A big thanks also to Kelly at A place of my own too who not only sent me gorgeous things for my mum but when I said that Izzy loved the snow globe she had sent proceeded to send me another one just for Izzy. So kind and thoughtful of her. Kelly does a brilliant weekly round up of blog posts that she has enjoyed which is such a great idea. I've found some great new blogs this way.

Finally was reading Blonde Design's blog and it had a brilliant link to website called
It is hilarious! Its basically some of the weird and wonderful things people try and sell on etsy with some hilarious comments. Check it out....


  1. It's like riding a bike - you never forget! It will be fine when you get back in the swing.

    Pomona x

  2. Thanks for the mention - has Izzy decided what picture to put in it?

    Good luck at the meeting. I suggest a stiff drink to get those braincells whirring!

  3. I don't want to worry you, but I'm still waiting for my brain cells to come back and it's over five years since my last baby arrived!! I struggle with conversation and my short term memory is almost non-existant...maybe it's a good thing I spend more time with a lamb than I do with people!!

    Good luck though, and well done for joining. Our preschool is run the same way, and I'm ashamed to say I never did join the committee. Too late now, though there's always the school PTA I suppose! xx

  4. Hello what a delightful blog you have. I love it. My daughters name is Isabel how wonderful, they truly are gifts from God. I hope you have a wonderful week, its lovely to meet you.


  5. Haha, our nursery is run the same way and I accidently joined the committee too! I have to say when I go to meetings I feel like everyone else is a grown-up and I'm just playing. And I wear jeans and hoodies and everyone else looks presentable and they even comb their hair. Good luck, you'll be fine!


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