Sunday, 25 October 2009

Home Alone

I've been at home ON MY OWN all week-end. Jon has been visiting his dad and sister with both children and very kindly allowed me a week-end off so that I could do loads of sewing for some Christmas markets I have coming up. I have been sewing like a mad woman in my sweat shop all week-end and have only left the house once! Its wierd being on my own. I've swung from feeling quite tearful to feeling completely liberated and then back again. I miss both children so much but at the same time have loved having 2 good nights sleep, reading my book in peace and just generally doing as I please without having to answer a question every 30 seconds. I am missing them though and can't wait for them to get back home tonight. Only thing is its payback time soon which means Jon gets to go off for the week-end. Not looking forward to that quite as much!

A blog I've been following a lot recently is Mutterings from the Moor. You have to check out the story of little Annie the lamb that they have rescued and are nursing back to health. How cute is she??

This blog has been nominated for the Dorset Cereal Little Blog Award so check it out and if you love little Annie make sure you click on the link and vote for them to win!

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  1. just had a look at the blog with the lamb she is very sweet and it is nice to see a happy ending.


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