Friday, 30 October 2009

38 out of 40 - ticking along nicely

Week 7 - 70 presents challenge
  • No of presents ready to wrap = 38
  • No of presents likely to offend my mum = 1 (Jon arrived home with a copy of SAGA magazine from his dad. I'm sure my mum will find this funny tho (I hope!)
  • No of lovely presents donated by fellow bloggers = 1 (Did you see the gorgeous sunglass case?)
  • No of things handmade by me = 0 (Christmas markets won out I'm afraid)
  • No of things on their way from very kind fellow bloggers = 3 (can't wait to see them)
Thanks to the lovely Crafty Elsie for a fab idea about giving my mum a blank journal with a jar full of slips of paper with questions about her life that she has to answer in the journal. I'm going to have a go at this as I think its a great idea and it won't cost much. Thnks for the tip and links.

I won another giveaway this week. This time a fabulous halloween bag for Izzy from Tracy at Mad About Bags. We both love it and Izzy can't wait to take it to her Halloween party on Saturday. The fabric is great and its really well made so I really recommend you check out Tracy's Misi shop. 2 giveaways in a week. I even did the lottery on Wednesday I was feeling so lucky but didn't win. Doh!

Night 4 of tough love was fine. Sam slept through to about 5.30am when I did bring him into bed with me but only because he was poorly yesterday and I wanted to check he was ok. He seems much better today luckily. So fingers crossed for tonight.


  1. Love the bag and well done on all the crafting for the christmas fare

  2. hi louise i'm so glad izzy loves her halloween bag and she looks so cute with it too, thanks for the mention and the link - hope you have a great halloween!


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