Friday, 23 October 2009

36 out of 70 - Over Half Way!

Week 6 - 70 Presents Challenge

  • No.of presents ready to wrap = 36 (over half way - woo hoo!)
  • No. of presents handmade by me = 0 (rubbish effort)
  • No. of presents donated by fellow bloggers = 1 (lovely Christmas Tree decoration)
  • No. of items bought from shops = 5
Ok so this week was mainly about buying things from shops. In my defence a couple of the things I bought I just can't make (eg a diary and a book about the small town in which we live). I also bought Gone with the Wind on DVD as it was made in 1939 (the year my mum was born) and is a special 70th birthday edition. I was going to make a CD containing songs from 1939 but found a 1939 birthday card that came with a CD of 1939 music so decided to buy that as my time is really limited and the thought of faffing around downloading songs all night just stressed me out. My best purchase though was a hardback photobook from Photobox containing photos of my mum with her grandchildren. These are usually quite expensive but they had a 'buy 1 get 1 free' offer. Its Jon's birthday on Sunday and I always make him a photobook each year. Its become a bit of a tradition since Izzy was born so I was doing one for him when I spotted the special offer. The great thing is you can do two completely different books so did another for my mum and saved myself £30!! Bargain. Thankfully I was sent a  lovely Christmas Tree decoration for my mum from Hennie so there is at least one lovely handmade thing in this weeks pile.

Survived the first committee meeting. Was actually good fun and managed not to look too stupid in from of everyone I think. Think my role will be mainly fundraising which is fine. I feel a cake sale coming on!

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