Friday, 16 October 2009

30 out of 70 - Grinding to a halt!

Week 5 - 70 presents challenge.
  • No. of presents ready to wrap = 30
  • No. of presents donated by fellow bloggers/friends = 2 (thanks guys!)
  • No. of presents handmade by me = 1
Its been a tough week what with headbutting boy keeping me up all night and other half being away with work so my motivation levels have slipped slightly. Am obviously in complete denial about the present challenge AND my Christmas markets as have spent most of the week buying fabric and reading blogs!

Want to thank my lovely friend Debi (the one with the husband with blistered feet!) for her gorgeous lavendar bag which I love.

Only two people I actually know in real life read my blog and Debi is one of them. We met in Tescos about 3 years ago when we had both just moved to the area. We both had toddlers in supermarket trolleys and Debi asked me about playgroups. After a nervous 'first date' in Gilly's cafe we became great friends and now see each other all the time. Debi actually met my mum and dad at that first meeting in Tescos and now lives across the road from them! My mum will be thrilled with her gorgeous gift from Debi.

Continuing on a lavender theme I actually made something this week too. It was a  Lavendar heat bag from this great tutorial.

Its actually really quick and easy to make. This one is great because it has little pockets inside meaning the rice doesn't all slip to one end like the shop bought one I have. The lavender was sent to me by the very kind Pomona and was collected from her garden. Check out her lovely blog. She is only buying recycled or handmade for a year and a day! oh yeah - can anyone tell me whether its ok to use rice in these heat bags? How come it doesn't cook when you warm it up in the microwave and then go all funny after a while??


  1. I think the rice would only cook if it had water with it - it would probably be best not to use any sort of partially precooked rice, just the plain, cheap unbranded. You could probably use ceramic baking beans as well. You can also use wheat, or washed dry cherry stones, if you happened to have some to hand!

    Pomona x

  2. Hello!!! Yes, not sure about rice! Check it out on google???? Defo wheat. I've got a "wheaty bag" and I know they have "medicinal" proprieties....often mixed with lavendar...but not heard of rice. I LOVE your lavendar heat bag! Beautiful. Gone lavendar made at the mo and making lavendar Christmas prezzies...a beach hut lavendar bag for my niece for starters. Don't lose the will to live with the present list for your mum - you are doing great. I'll have another one ready for you very soon...the friendship bag xxx

  3. Great blog, going to check out Pomona now...!Kx

  4. Don't give up. . .
    30 is a good start. (I did 30 for 30 for my hubby this year, it was all little bits and pieces as he was away at the time).
    Looking forward to hearing it's up to 40.
    Good Luck. xxx


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