Friday, 9 October 2009

27 out of 70 - nearly half way (kind of)

Week 4 - 70 Presents Challenge
  • No. of presents ready to wrap = 27
  • No. of gorgeous handmade things sent by fellow bloggers = 2 (thank you)
  • No. of presents handmade by me = 1 (better than last week!)
  • No. of things handmade by Izzy = 1 (tulip bulb in a pot)
  • No. of things offered by lovely bloggers = 3 (very excited)
  • No. of shop bought presents = 1
  • No. of minutes famous for = -5 (my picture got dumped from the Bristol Evening Post article!)
Still no new celebrity friends tho. Very disapointing! Who shall I email next?? Thinking Cliff Richard maybe? He will surely reply with a photo. Alan Titchmarsh? Who do ladies of a certain age like?? Might email Ricky Gervais for a laugh! Any suggestions welcome. Ant and Dec I'm very disappointed with you. Philip Schofield is still my number one!

First meeting of the mums drinking reading group tonight. I read the book ages ago and can't actually remember much about it but I am looking forward to the LARGE glass of wine or two I am going to enjoy. I'm thinking of taking some bits of card with me so we can do marks out of 10 like they do on Strictly Come Dancing. (I know its childish but I don't get out much!!)

I think it would be funny!

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  1. We are reading Host at the moment by the same author as twilight, I am quite enjoying it. Our meeting mostly consist of wine and a smallish chat about the book lol, have fun :-) Debsx


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