Friday, 2 October 2009

21 out of 70 - Slow and steady progress

Week 3 - 70 Presents Challenge
  • No. of presents ready to wrap = 21 (slowly getting there)
  • No of presents handmade by me = 0 (rubbish I know - will do better next week)
  • No of gorgeous gifts sent by fellow bloggers = 5  (thanks so much)
  • Number of promised gorgeous things from fellow bloggers = 4 (I sit in wait for the postie now!)
  • Number of giveaways won this week = 2 (can't believe my luck!)
  • Number of new celebrity friends = 0 (very disappointing - more stalking in order I think)
After a shaky start to the week I managed to finish my 2 crayon rolls (they are so bloody fiddly - drove me mad!)


and a bib for a friends new baby (Sorry about the bright pink bakground - I was in a rush!).

I've also started the bib for my giveaway winner and got a few ideas of little things to send so I'm feeling much better now. I've decided that I just have to concentrate on one thing at a time otherwise I start to feel flustered and start rushing things. Oh and tidying up my sewing room helped. I'm quite untidy and its usually a complete mess so I tidied it up and already feel much more in control.

I've been invited to a 80's party tomorrow night. Its for a friends 40th birthday. I had kind of forgotten about it as we couldn't get a babysitter but 'doh' just realised that I could actually go on my own as I will know loads of people there. Thing is its an 80's fancy dress party and I have exactly 24 hours to get something together?? Any ideas?? I've got some transfer paper so I'm thinking I could do a 'Frankie Says Relax' logo and print it on a white t shirt. I could try and get hold of some leg warmers to wear over my jeans or cut the arms off a jumper if desperate!!. What else did we wear in the 80's??? I've obviously blocked it from my mind!!


  1. 21 out of 70 is actually quite a lot, well done. I just saw on your sidebar that you wanted to find old fashioned sweets, I have ordered sweets from before. I am glad that you are happier and more positive than earlier in the week (I am just catching up on all of the posts). I have also been looking at your Folksy shop, and now I have some ideas for Christmas presents, wonderful!

  2. Leggings with leg warmers or really brightly coloured tights, gold strappy sandals or day-glo heels, a ponytail (to the side of course!) the t-shirt needs to be big enough to hang off one shoulder, pity you couldn't get your hands on an ACDC t-shirt.

  3. A bat wing top, big chunky belt and rara skirt! Definately take it easy, sounds like you have been frantic. I am sure your giveaway winner is a patient type and will wait happily for her bib ;)


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