Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Welcome home and a sad godbye......

I got a lovely message today thanking me for the union jack flag I made for a little boy whose dad was coming home from Afghanistan. There is a photo of the flag in use on Christals Creations blog (bought a tear to my eye!). I am so pleased that her other half is home safe and sound. My brother was in the army so I know how difficult it is when your loved ones are away but it must be particularly difficult when you have children and they are somewhere so dangerous. I hope you are all enjoying your time together as a family at last!!

I am so sad that Patrick Swayze has died. I've lost count of the number of times I watched Dirty Dancing with my friends when I was younger. Its such a brilliant feel good film. I feel the need to watch it again now pref with lots of girlfriends drinking lots of wine! I bet DVD sales will go through the roof now!!
Big thanks to everybody who has come up with ideas for my 70 presents challenge. You have really helped me out with your fantastic suggestions and ideas. Please keep them coming tho because I still need lots more and I'm starting to panic already! 


  1. Very sad news about patrick swayze:-(
    A fab idea for your mums birthday, although a lot for one person, I would get family and friends to donate a gift with a tag so she knows whom there from. Need any help sewing or crocheting just let me know, would love to see you achieve your goal..best wishs Debs

  2. It is nice to see your flag and that another soldier is home safe! there has been a lot of sad news from Afghanistan recently.

    Rose XXX

  3. Aww almost made me cry reading your blog. (and that would be daft) Could one of your 70 gifts be a list of 70 reasons why she is the best mum you could ask for and why you love her? That would be a very cheap, I mean thoughtful present. Something we did with our Brownies which may or maynot be something you could use was stuff a little felt bag, (about 2 or 3 cms max in size), sew it up and tie a bow and put a little tag on saying bag full of love. It was a mothers day gift. Will keep thinking. xxx

  4. So amazing seeing mum and little one with the flag waving Daddy home. Where's the kleenx... very touching. Hurrah home safe. And yes cannot believe Patrick S has died. so sad. And horrible that lots of famous people we've grown up with seem to have died recently, Michael Jackson...and good old drinking fanatic Keith Floyd died same day as PS. Had just watched a documentary about him the night or two before. What a character. Really tragic about PS...always hoped he'd have a few more films up his sleeve. "No one leaves baby in the corner!"


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