Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Things are always better in the morning...

How can I be grumpy today when I woke up to two lovely parcels of things for my mum. A lovely envelope full of seeds from Claire (2steps) who sells her lovely handmade jewellery on Misi

and a gorgeous box of clotted cream shortbread all the way from the Isle of Wight from Amberlife. Check out Amberlifes lovely blog particularly 'paying it forward' which is about passing on good turns to other people. Such kind thoughtful deeds from 2 lovely people. The Isle of Wight connection is lovely becasue we used to go there on holiday as children. We were always told we were going abroad as you have to go on a ferry. In fact I thought the Isle of Wight was 'abroad' until I was about 14!

The day continued to get better when I received an email from another blogger telling me to expect another parcel of seeds in the post for my mum. Can't wait to get them and have a look!

Then to top it all off I got an email from Patchwork Butterfly saying I had won her giveaway!! Patchwork Butterfly makes beautiful geisha mono prints that are embellished with stitching, fabric and jewels and they are absolutely beautiful. I had them on my Christmas list so I am thrilled to win one which I have named Isabella after my daughter. It will have pride of place in my sewing room where I hope it will inspire me (god knows I could do with some inspiration at the moment!).

Its funny because when I see gorgeous things that other people have made like the geishas I often have mixed feelings. Most of me (99%) is inspired by seeing something so beautiful but occasionally I feel almost jealous that someone else can be so talented and create something so lovely. It somehow makes me doubt the things that I make as I compare them. Is that weird?? I think I am slightly envious of designers who take the time to try new things, take risks and make stuff that is beautiful rather than functional to sell. Maybe thats what I need to do next year when all the xmas markets are over. Try a new direction, take a risk and see where it takes me!


  1. congrads such a gorgeous piece, don't feel down I love the things that you make for kids, so nice to find functional and good looking items that are not mass produced. Its just a shame my kids are teenages now. Debs

  2. I glad that your day started off so great and two more gifts can be crossed off the list. That's so funny about the Isle of Wight being abroad!!!will you tell your kids the same if you go there!!!
    I think its natural too feel a little envious of creative people especially those that have tried something different and its great to try new things but also take pride in what you do and make and see your talent the way other people do!! as brilliant!!! just have a read of feedback that people have left after buying or receiving one of your handmade items and say "I made that"

  3. Thankyou so much for your kind mention on your blog. Creativity is a constant battle of wills and feelings. You make wonderful things enjoy making and be proud of what you do.
    Really hope you enjoy Isabella, I posted her today.
    Lisa x

  4. Would your Mum like a keyring with an angel on it?? p.m. me if she would and I will send it to her, or a Christmas angel?
    Either, as I am sure she is your guardian angel.

    Jean x


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