Friday, 4 September 2009

Sewing Machine Envy

Me envious of Amanda at Kitschy Coo's fab new sewing machine AND overlocker?? (check them out) NOT ME cos check out my new beauty.....

I bet it was much cheaper too! £2.25 from my local charity shop. Izzy is going to love it. Shes always coming in my sewing room and watching me use my sewing machine (the one that hates me!!). Shes probably a bit young really but I cant wait to make something with her on her very own machine.

I think I'm in denial that I'm 40 next year. I'm addicted to watching Skins on Channel 4. Yes the programme thats aimed at teenagers and is full of teenage angst. Maybe its because this man is in it??

His name is Luke Pasqualino and he plays Freddie. He is soooooooo gorgeous but only 20. Don't you just hate young people!! Paolo Nutini is history. I am officially in love..........


  1. yummy! He is rather tasty, i too am a skins fan! fear not! You are not the only addict who could havr given birth to the cast!!!

    How funny! i was just this afternoon wondering what happened to my kiddy sewing machine i had when i was about 6???? im sure it is still in my mums loft somewhere! gonna have to hunt it down now! your one is really cute, mine was white and pink if i remember correctly!
    x K

  2. Haha, bet my husband wishes I bought a back up like that! It's cute :)

    Oh, and Luke Pasqualino is just too pretty to fancy.

  3. Gorgeous sewing machine! Can't say I got into the new skins, I loved the original cast. Kate x

  4. That is one cute sewing machine :-)

    I try to watch skins, I can never stay awake long enough!

    Rose XXX

  5. I bought my neice one for xmas a few years ago but my sister got all worried she'd prick her finger, (she's hardly going to drop into a deep sleep for 100yrs and she was about 7), I had a singer, but not the old ones it was a little wind the handle, blue and white, it is still at my mums somewhere. I'll be keeping it for posterity sake. xx

  6. PS Meant to say i just blogged about you. xx


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