Thursday, 3 September 2009

The romantic fool

Remember that romantic present from my other half?? Yes the PAPER TRIMMER - well i've been experimenting with it and my packaging definately looks better with straighter lines. I sold 3 things this week (2 tooth fairy cushions and a baking bag) so was able to practice. What do you think? Still needs a bit of work but its getting there. Also been playing around with little cards to send/hand out as well. Lets just say its a work in progress! (Please excuse the fuzzy photos - it was late and I was tired!) Got a lovely email from a customer this week too saying how much she loved the buggy blanket she bought for her little boy Eli (isn't that the coolest name ever??). It was so nice of her to email me direct as she had already left feedback for me. It really made my day. Note to self - thats a nice thing to do when I buy something lovely too!

Really need to clean the camera lens too!


  1. They are REALLY good. Love the wraps that encase the prez. Wow very professional!

  2. Definitely looks very professional. Well done! Now will you do mine? :)

  3. I love your cute card, and the paper wrappings for your presents! I always wrap my bits in tissue paper before sending, but to have the band with your printing on is such a fantastic idea!

    Rose XXX

  4. Wow...VERY professional! Love it!

  5. It is very good. I loved the tag on the flag. xx


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