Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Random Acts of Kindness - part 3

I have had such a lovely week. Every day something lovely has arrived via the postman instead of the usual round of bills and junk mail. I've had lovely thoughtful packages of nice things for my mum from fellow bloggers. My faith in human nature has been restored! I could smell todays lovely package as it came through the letterbox because it contained the most gorgeous dried lavendar. Pomona at kindly sent me a big bagful so I can make some nice smelly things for my mum.

She also sent me some seeds. Now I expected these to be in an old envelope or something but another lovely surprise was waiting for me as there were 3 lots of cottage garden flower seeds (my mums favourite) in a gorgeous handmade fabric bag, tied with ribbon with a lovely tag.


How thoughtful and lovely is that?? Thank you so much. I've been really inspired this week to try and be more kind and thoughtful myself. Little gestures of kindness can really mean such a lot. Check out Pomonas blog as she has written some lovely posts about acts of kindness.

I am so excited that this mad idea really seems to be coming together now and my mum will be so shocked and surprised when she finds out about it. I very casually invited her over for Christmas Day today (her birthday!). Little does she know that she'll have no time for eating as she'll be too busy unwrapping presents!


  1. I'm glad they arrived safely, and the postman didn't get seduced by the scent of lavender! I do hope your mum has a lovely time on Christmas day - maybe you'll need to make sure that she has a stiff gin and is sitting down before you get them all out!

    Pomona x

  2. I think that this is a brilliant idea and I might steal it for my brother's 40th in Jamuary.
    I live on the Isle of Wight and wondered if your Mum has ever been here and if so there might be something I could add to your present stash..?? Let me know


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