Sunday, 20 September 2009

Random Acts of Kindness - Part 1

Its really easy to forget sometimes that there are decent, lovely people in the world. The news is so full of sad and horrible stories that you sometimes wonder where all the good people have gone. I was reminded yesterday when a total stranger suddenly out of the blue did something really kind which made me smile all day. So the first 'random act of kindness' award goes to Abby from Mutterings from the Moor . She read about my 70 presents challenge and several emails and 2 days later I received a lovely parcel containing....

Some lovely homemade Damson Jam for my mums birthday. How kind and thoughtful is that? Its been a struggle not opening it straight away so that we can try it out but I've been strong and put it on the present pile and quickly shut the door!

Not only does Abby have a lovely blog but she also makes the most gorgeous patchwork teddy bears using your own childs clothes. Such a great idea - instead of keeping those special baby clothes you can't bear to throw away in a box gathering dust, you can actually use them and see them everyday in these individually designed one off bears. What a perfect present for a child (or mum!). Check out the website for more info

I love blogging and the random way you can come accross lovely blogs and lovely people and lovely websites. More acts of kindness tomorrow!


  1. Well, you know my feelings on this from my recent post! And for my part, giving is as joyful as receiving - I love that bear, it would be sure to bring joy to the giver!

    Have a good day, and hope everyone is kind to you!

    Pomona x

  2. I couldn't agree more Pomona, I find giving just as joyful...if not more so.

    Thank you for such a lovely blog about my bears xxx


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