Saturday, 12 September 2009

A present for each year!

My lovely mum will be 70 on Christmas Day!! It a bit rubbish having your birthday on Christmas Day. You really miss out on presents so I generally try and do something special like days at a spa or a night in a hotel. This year though I don't want to do something like that - my mums sister is really ill and we just dont really know how things will be at Christmas so The Cotton Porter passed on the brilliant idea of giving 70 presents! A present for each year of her life!! I LOVE it. This idea has really inspired me so I've set myself the '70 PRESENTS CHALLENGE' and I need your help!

I will obviously buy a couple of nice special presents but the rest are going to have to be cheap, more thoughtful presents. Presents that have been made by me or my children or small little fun items. The idea being that I have really thought about what my mum might like and not just thrown money at it (wish I had some!) so what I need from you is..............
a) presents some ideas
b) links to tutorials for gifts I could make
c) encouragement - I'm not a great finisher when it comes to my hairbrained schemes

I'm going to put an updated list of presents on the side of my blog so you can monitor what number I'm up to and I'll post weekly to chat about what I've found or made. Oh yeah my mum is very young at heart and loves sewing, making quilts, patchwork, bowling and going on sunny holidays!


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  1. hi louise what a great idea, might have to pinch that one myself!!!
    my idea's not sewing related but photographic - how about a collage of prints of your mum from a baby to now perhaps one for every ten years, you could either do it yourself if you can on your computer if not kodak gallery and the such offer a4 collage prints for a couple of pounds i had some printed when my daughter went to see Mcfly as a momento for her and her friends and they looked fab.
    good luck

  2. hi again louise, i just noticed that you were going to make a wash bag for your mum i have a lovely prima pattern for a pretty drawstring bag and i also have some of the showerproof fabric that you use to line the bags if you would like a copy of the pattern and a piece of the showerproof fabric let me know and i'll pop it in the post to you

  3. ohh louise you've really got my brain going now i should be in bed but my youngest is poorly and i think i'm going to be up and down all night
    how about a coin from 1939 ebay has quite a few
    right thats it i'm switching off the computer and going to bed!!!

  4. last one i promise!!!
    try for your book its a great recyling book website.
    p.s I've blogged about your idea too!

  5. It really is a brilliant idea. What about some fabric yoyo coasters, a pincushion, a peg bag, covers for things like diaries, notebooks, chequebooks and such, do you knit or crochet, what about some lovely soft washclothes, if you make three then you can roll each one up into a long sausage shape and then bring the two ends together, gather all three together side by side and tie a length or ribbon around them about two inches down from the top and then stitch another shorter length of ribbon to each side so that it creates a little handle over the top, its hard to explain but it looks like a little handbag when you're finished.

  6. Or you could embroider one of your kids drawings onto a square of cotton and give them to your mum to use herself in a quilt.

    This is a grea place to start for some ideas she doesn't post fully impeccably detailed instructions, just the basics but because you sew already that won't be a problem, even I can follow them:) She has some great embellishment projects so you could also add to things if you bought something basic like scarves and such, that way there would still be a piece of you in each pressie but it would hopefully take some of the pressure off.

    If you don't knit I can do you one of the little washcloth bags above and pop it in the post if you like.

  7. Free Needle is another great place:)

    Right I'm going now:) I'll be back though!

  8. Thanks so much guys for your support and enthusiasm. Your comments and BRILLIANT ideas have got me really excited about doing it now although i'm still a bit scared about getting it all together in time!!

    Mad about bags - hope your little one is feeling better? Thanks so much for mentioning me in your blog. I'm off to check out coins on ebay now! I would love a copy of the pattern and some showerproof fabric please. Thank you so much. I can send you some money for the fabric just let me know what it costs. Will email you my address.

    Seethe woods - Thanks for all those brilliant sites and ideas - will have a look in a mo. Loving the idea of making a peg bag and pin cushion. They are on the list! I'm intrigued by the washcloth bag. I'm a not a great knitter! Would absolutely love one from you please! Again let me know re cost.

    Off to update my list now!

  9. Such a great idea Louise! I look forward to reading your blog on presents you come up with.
    has some great quick makes on it, and lots that you can do with the children too.

  10. What a great idea, my mum is 70 this year too :)Look forward to reading how you are getting on with this.
    Here are some ideas I have thought of -

    A copy of a film released in 1939 - includes "wizard of oz" and "gone with the wind"

    Download some songs released in 1939 - song list here BF is 40 next year and he wants to pick a song from each year - but that is enough work for 40 years never mind 70!

    look up " mother's day crafts" in search engine, few nice ideas, quite a few from the kids, so cheap and dont need to be perfect! This is one of the sites -

    You could make a "brag" book of grandkids, or minibook/scrapbook LO of your mum's life/family tree/sewing masterpieces. If not up on scrapbboking here is a great site -

    christmas tree decoration - made by you or kids

    a jar filled with dry ingreds for making something i.e. cookies, with tag saying what needs to be added and how to cook

  11. Does you mum like jam? I have made a load of damson jam from my homegrown fruit this year and would be happy to donate a jar!

  12. thought I'd drop by and say "hi" - what a great idea. I like to recycle so my suggestions would be padded coathangers made from curtain tie-backs, info somewhere on blog - I think on my sidebar as One Project A Month also i've just made some fabric bookmarks and when i first started my blog, I made cushion cover, with me as a child on one side as a photo transfer and my son on the other.
    can't wait to see the finished list!
    Josie x
    ps) hubby's birthday is also on christmas day!

  13. I don't have any good ideas just yet but I will be following your progress and you can be sure the moment I think of anything I will let you know!

    This is so cool and you must finish, there's no other option! =)

    Good luck,

  14. What a brilliant idea! unfortunately I can't think of anything at the moment, but if I do I will make sure I come back here and let you know!


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