Tuesday, 29 September 2009

I hate sewing!

Does anyone else have days where nothing you try and make goes right?? I've just had several. I've had a commission for a couple of crayons rolls and I also need to make a bib for my giveaway prize and everything seems to be going wrong. I don't like any of my fabric, can't find matching cotton, my sewing machine tension seems off, my finishing looks really amateur (2 crayons rolls in the bin!) and everything I sew just seems a bit wonky. I've tried doing some bits by hand instead and my thread keeps tangling up and getting knots in it and argggggggggggghhhhhhhhh!! I just want to throw it all across the room.

I think its because I'm rushing. I don't get much time to sew with two young children and I've got Christmas markets coming up and 52 presents left on my challenge and I think my sewing machine (which has always hated me) has picked up on my underlying stress levels and is just not co-operating! I guess I just need to chill out a bit and go back to it later in a better frame of mind so I'm off to eat birthday cake and sulk. Please tell me I'm not the only one this hapens to???

Came across a lovely website the other day called Artful Kids which I thought I would share.
They can basically do cool things with your childs artwork or handprints and can turn them into gorgeous pictures which would make fantastics presents. These are my favourites I think...


  1. Thanks for featuring my site!
    Jude - Artful Kids

  2. Oh most definitely....that happens to me. It took me 20 minutes to sew a few patches on a boy scout uniform the other day....the thread got jammed....I stitched the sleve to the patch....it was a mess....just back off....eat chocolate :)


  3. I definitely have those days too and yes its always when you have lots on and are short of time, time out and chocolate will definitely help!!! i have to say I'd forgotten how much time you don't have with a toddler around!!! add to that school pick ups tea etc, sewing = -15 mins!!!
    hope today is a brighter day for you
    and don't forget to talk nicely to your sewing machine!!!

  4. awww poor you! I've had a few days like that too recently :-( I think sometimes (despite the orders and christmas market backlog) you need to walk away from it for a while and do something completely different. It might feel like "wasted" time, but if it gets creativity & productivity back then it's worth it!

    I think people who are working 9-5 prob think we are mad stressing over christmas market stock and online orders, but when you are trying to look after kids, and run a house and effectively "work" at the same time things can quickly build up on top of you!

    I hope the rest of the week goes better for you :-)

    Rose XXX

  5. It usually is because of being tired and working to a deadline - can you have a bit of time out to yourself? And for hand sewing, wax the thread, it makes all the difference. I can't help with the sewing machine though - is it due for a service? I'll send positive thoughts - maybe they will help!

    Pomona x

  6. I've absolutely had those days! Both with sewing (which I do as a hobby) and metal (which is NOT a hobby - hence deadlines/orders!) in addition to having a special needs child - so I truly know where you're coming from!

  7. same thing with me. it seems that deadlines are deadly. An overload of work, little free time and exhaustion mixed altogether, and everything seems to go wrong. even the sewing machine knows and will make your day a living hell. I think our stubborness to go on doesn't help. So why not get out of the sewing room, make tea and read a good book for an hour ? a little nap helps too :)
    there are always better days.

  8. I have all been there, soothing music and thinking of only one item at a time, works for me, its very easy to sit at your machine sewing thinking so much more too do...arr I know I do this.

    P.S usually play W.D but W.A is my very fav, its just i am not that quick anymore for that position...Debsx


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