Friday, 18 September 2009

7 out of 70 Not a bad start!

Week 1 - 70 Presents Challenge
  • Total present count (ready to wrap) = 7 (6 bought but all under £1 and 1 handmade!)
  • Celebrities stalked for signed photos = 1 (hurry up Phillip Schofield - dont make me ask Eamon Holmes)
  • Fantastic ideas from fellow bloggers = numerous. Thanks so much everyone for all your inspiration. Keep those ideas coming......
  • Promises of donated presents from VERY kind lovely fellow bloggers = 5 (this has really taken me by surprise. There ARE lovely kind people in the world. Thanks guys. Will blog about each one when they arrive. I am SO excited - stop striking post people don't you know I have presents coming!!)
  • Moments of anxiety when realise still have 63 presents to organise/make = to many to mention
There is a running total of presents to source/make and finished presents on the left hand side of my blog if anyone is interested.


  1. Blimey - that is a challenge and a half! When my mum turned 60 I did it the other way around and gave her 60 tasks to perform before she could receive and presents. Lots of silly stuff ensued! Good luck x

  2. Make that 62, I meant to say send me your address and I'll pop the washcloth giftset in the post as soon as I have it ready:) Neutral colours ok?

  3. I love this idea & have plans to do it for family members in the future. It looks like you have some great ideas for gifts. Good luck collecting everything and I hope your mum doesn't read your blog!

  4. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, and for becoming a follower! Going to sort your mum's present out tomorrow - just finishing a new baby gift today!

    Pomona x

  5. Hi Louise, do you want to do a swap? I would love one of your crayon rolls for my untidy daughter! I could swap you any purse (for your mum) and any clip/s (for you or Izzy if your mum is not into clips!)- If you want to, take a look at my Folksy shop and let me know which purse & clip/s you would like! Kate x

  6. Really exciting seeing the collection grow! Add two more...making your mum a lavendar bag, I mention in earlier post & also I'm going to make her a friendship bag. I was given one as a present, so cute...full of everyday things which have meaning e.g. a paper clip to keep it all together, a safety pin for the unexpected, a marble to replace any which are lost!...and more... good luck with the 70! x


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