Friday, 25 September 2009

17 out of 70 - Cooking on gas!

Week 2 - 70 Presents Challenge
  • Number of presents ready to wrap = 17 (Pretty impressive if I do say so myself). 
  • Number of new ideas generated during drunken dinner party with best friend = 25
  • Number of ideas rejected in morning after said dinner party = 15
  • Number of things handmade by me = 1 (could do better!)
  • Number of fantastic things sent to me by lovely fellow bloggers = 6 (thanks so much everyone)
  • Number of new celebrity friends = 1 (I LOVE Phillip Schofield!)
  • Number of panic attacks regarding challenge this week = none (too busy worrying abut Izzy's 4th birthday party and making stuff for my Christmas markets.
This is the needlecase I made last week. I love the blue fabric. It was really cheap but is gorgeous. I made some baby shoes with it with pink gingham lining and they looked really cute. Have to buy some more me thinks.

Don't forget my bib giveaway ends on Monday 28 September (Isabella's 4th birthday). I will get the birthday girl to pick a name out of a hat. Last chance to enter!!


  1. Mmmmm drunken dinner parties - I guess you wrote down the ideas, I would never remember otherwise! Good luck with the remaining
    70 - (17 + 25) I'm not going to work it out.

  2. You're doing well with the gifts. I'm hoping to have the washcloth gift set done by next weekend at the latest and I'll pop it in the post to you.

  3. I'm just realising you'll need a Rudolph the red Nosed Reindeer. He was born in December 1939 too!


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