Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Who said romance is dead?

My other half gave me a lovely present yesterday the romantic fool. It was a........

Yes thats right it was a paper trimmer!! It actually was a really thoughtful present as I had been playing around with making business cards and packaging for the things I sell and was finding it really frustrating trying to get them looking professional cutting them out with scissors. Now tho I can have professional straight edged cards and packaging so I am actually very happy and can't wait to try it out. I am soooo easily pleased!!

I can't stop buying fabric. I love it. My latest order arrived today from Fabric Inspirations. I sold a tooth fairy cushion and a buggy blanket this week so figured I was allowed to buy even more fabric. I was quite restrained tho and only ordered

I've come accross a couple of lovely fabric websites recently which I thought I would share in the hope that if anybody knows any others perhaps they could leave a comment with the details. I can then maybe add a list to the side of my blog which I can keep updated.

i'll start.....

Fabric Inspirations

Saints and Pinners

Fabric Rehab

Gone to Earth

GaGa Fabric



I know there are lots of USA based websites that sell super cheap lovely fabric but i'm a bit wary as last time I tried I got stung for import duty which made it cost as much as buying it in the UK. Also I'm too impatient to wait for it to be shipped! Any other good UK/europe fabric websites you know of??


  1. These links look very interesting - I must peruse at leisure with a drink, cake and money! I haven't bought fabric on-line yet so this is a good intro - thanks.

  2. Happy trimming! & good luck with the business cards, look forward to seeing those x

  3. Thank you for all those links I am a self confessed fabric addict!

    I've also nominated you blog for a blog award its on my blog http://littlebirdtoo.blogspot.com.



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