Sunday, 30 August 2009

Weston Super Mud!

It only takes 18 minutes on a train to get to the beach at Weston Super Mare (or Weston Super Mud as we used to call it as children) but I never seem to go now. I dont know why when its so close. I think I have been a bit snobby over the years wishing it was cooler like St Ives or Brighton but this week my friend Debi and I decided to have an adventure so off we went on the train to Weston and it was brilliant! We did lots of old fashioned sea sidey things. We ate sandy sandwiches on the beach, had ice creams, went on a horse drawn Thomas the Tank Engine, went to a fantastic funfair full of old fashioned beautifully painted roundabouts, fed donkeys on the beach, wrote our names in the sand etc etc. The kids absolutely loved it. The only sad thing was looking at the pier which I really loved as a child which burnt down last year. Thanks to my friend Debi and her little boy Sawyer for coming with me and making it such a laugh. BIG thanks to the nice man at the station who helped me carry my buggy down two flight of stairs and must have bruised shins (train stations are obviously designed by men without children!). You are spared lots of photographic evidence of our fabulous day out only because for some reason the photos look a bit fuzzy when I upload them and I'm too stupid/lazy to work out why.

If any of you are close to Bristol, another great day out will be the Bristol International Kite Festival which is being held on 12/13 September at Ashton Court in Bristol. I'm a bit biased as I used to help organise it but its a great day out (I have no interest in kites either!). Its a really chilled way to spend a couple of hours watching people fly kites (honestly!). There are usually free kite making workshops for children and they have all shapes and sizes of kites flying from massive ones to tiny ones that fight and cut each others string! Theres also a beer tent and loads of yummy food. Its free to get in - you just have to pay for parking. Check out the website.

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  1. I remember going to Weston Super Mare on holiday as a kid :-) and getting really burnt!

    The kite event sounds like great fun :-)

    Rose XXX

  2. Fantastic day! Loved every minute. Hurrah for good old-fashioned English days out.
    Link to the Kite festival really useful. Use to go when I lived in Briz but have not been for years. Thanks! .xx

  3. I am thrilled that you had a great time here. I absolutely love living in Weston and it's great for bringing up kids :-)


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