Sunday, 2 August 2009

Check me out!

I came across this lovely blog called Whole Grain Baby a couple of days ago and completely fell in love with the 'Mod Dress' that was featured. I then realised that I could actually buy the pattern from their etsy shop and make it myself so feeling rather brave after my recent pattern testing experience, I went to the website and within half an hour had the PDF pattern and instructions. I gave it a go today and I have to say it was much easier than I thought and only took a couple of hours. My version is not perfect but as a first attempt and only the second item of clothing I've ever made its not half bad!! What do you think??

Is it me or is it really hard to get children to pose for pictures when you make something and want to show it off. I had to bribe Izzy to put it on and then she kept making silly faces and wouldn't stand up....Arghhhhhhhh!

I've actually set up my reading group now. I'm on a one woman mission to start using my brain again with the hope that soon I will actually be able to string an intelligent sentence together. My reading group is imaginatively called 'Louise's Reading Group'. I know its clever isn't it? I was trying to think of something intelligent and funny while in the library but Sam was screaming and the librarian was giving me filthy looks so all I could manage was 'Louise's Reading Group' - how pathetic is that?? I wanted to call it 'drunken mothers reading group but I wasn't brave enough as the librarians where I live are SO miserable. Joining the reading group was like having teeth pulled and took ages. The librarian made no attempt to hurry up despite my obvious frantic attempts to soothe my bored cross baby yet managed to look disapprovingly at me and him when he cried.

Thanks to everyone who commented regarding Sam's sleep issues. Last night we got a bit tougher and waited 5 mins each time before going in when he cried. We didn't speak or pick him up, just lay him down and walked out again and it seemed to work - within 20 mins each time he went back to sleep and then slept through to 7.30am this morning. Fingers crossed for tonight!

One last thing. I'm about to list my bibs on folksy and misi. I've made 2 sizes - small (birth to 9 months) and then toddler size (9 months to 2 years). I think the smaller ones should be slightly cheaper (less fabric) but my other half disagrees saying they take the same amount of time to make and its only marginally less fabric. Who do you think is right?????


  1. My daughter was having problems with her crying baby and wanted to pick her up every time she cried and so I bought her a kitchen timer and made an 8 min rule. If baby was still crying on 8 mins we could go in and check on her and do the same as you, no talking etc. Poor girl would be pacing the floor and take the stairs at a run after 8 mins, but it did work. Took a few days but the baby got the message!
    Now they call it Granny Boot Camp here!! Cruel Granny.

  2. sew mama sew ... you did good girl that's a great dress

  3. Hi, our library are about as helpful and welcoming as yours. I would make all the bibs the same price. Kate xx

  4. Lovely dress, put the bibs at same price I agree with Emily. What flower fabric is that.........

  5. Thanks for comments everyone. Would you believe that the flower fabric came from a pair of curtains I bought in a charity shop for £6! They were unused luckily and came from aspace. Actually wanted them for curtains but they were too short!!

  6. That dress looks fab. Great mix of fabrics.

  7. Very lovely dress, well done! I agree with the others and would sell the bibs all at the same price. I do that with baby hats and scarfs and it works no problem.


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