Thursday, 9 July 2009

Swine Flu is coming...............

I phoned my GP to make an appointment today as Izzy was up with earache all last night and the first thing they said was 'do you have swine flu symptoms?' Apparently a couple of children at the local secondary school have come down with it. Great. The way the last year has gone you can guarantee that we will all have it within days. It seems like we have had every illness going over the last 12 months. Something to look forward to! Already making Izzy wash her hands every 5 minutes and seriously considering wearing a mask like Michael Jackson used to (not really!).

Have just been prancing around my living room doing ballet in a tu tu that I am trying to make for Izzy to cheer her up. It was not a pretty sight so i'll spare you any photographic evidence. My other half just raised his eyebrow and left the room pretty sharpish. I found a great tutorial for a tu tu and I'll post a picture when its finished as I ran out of fabric. Typical!


  1. I'm sneezing today ... hmmm ... may have squirrel flu. Now earache - that's nasty, hope the tiddler feels better soon

  2. Hope your daughter feels better soon, bet she will love her tutu.

  3. We just had a letter from school with 1 case confirmed, good job there's only a week left - although I wondered whether it was better to get it over with in the summer, assuming you wont get it twice that is!


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