Friday, 10 July 2009

NCT Sale Mania

I love a bargain. I love table top sales, car boot sales and browsing round charity shops so when my friend Debi suggested going to an NCT Nearly New Sale tomorrow you would think I would have jumped at the chance. But I've decided not to go....why?

The last NCT sale I went to was with my mum and she offered to buy a baby walker for Sam. I found a great brand new looking one that was perfect so we grabbed it and after lugging it round for a while, put it in the special place for storing big items and carried on shopping. When I went back to get it, someone had STOLEN it!!! Well not technically stolen it I guess but removed the pile of things on top of it and pretended it was theirs. It really annoyed me at the time because I hate it when you realise that not everybody is nice and honest and decent - it always shocks me for some reason and this has put me off going again. But I've also decided that I dont like the way NCT sales make ME behave either! I'm not sure what it is - maybe its the queuing outside you have to do or the fact that they let members in first so you see them walking out with all the good stuff but they make me behave like a possessed mad woman. I end up charging around grabbing stuff I dont need just in case someone else gets its first. I dont like the fact that I think about barging past heavily pregnant women just to get a bargain. Its only NCT sales that make me behave like this tho, I'm generally fairly sane and nice and polite so I've decided to be a better person and not go tomorrow. I'm not going to become the sort of person who steals other peoples baby walkers!! Anybody else become a maniac at NCT sales??


  1. I love your write up about the NCT SALE, I go to those and buy all the gorgeous girls dresses to chop up and use the fabric, buttons etc so yes I'm pretty manic usually with a massive pile of dresses in my arms!! thankfully I dont take the kids or my stress levels would be in outerspace!

  2. OMG.....I cant belive anyone would do that! (steal so blatently!) I thought NCT was supposed to be the 'Yummy Mummy' set! I know what you mean about turning into a deranged shopper though I was once witness to a 'shoe stand off' when i worked in a london store! One woman had 1 shoe another the other and neither was willing to give theirs up, as it was the last pair in that size ( they were limited edition desighner....forget who by now!) I spent best part of an HOUR!!!!!! phoning round EVERY Gap store in london to find another pair, then had to send a member of my staff to collect it before one women would give a shoe to the other! It was soooooo funny, There would have been serious blood shed had we not found a second pair!


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