Saturday, 18 July 2009

I am sooo embarrassed!

We went shopping today to buy Sam his first birthday present as he is one in a couple of weeks. We ended up in a Tesco Homestore looking at playhouses for the garden when I suddenly caught a whiff of something rather nasty. As Sam seemed really happy I decided to ignore the smell and hope it was coming from someone elses child. BIG MISTAKE. A few minutes later I realised that it was definately coming from Sam so I had better do something about it. Only by then it was too late. I went to pick Sam up to find he was absolutely covered in poo. God knows what he had been doing but the whole of his back, his clothes, the buggy etc were covered. This has never happened to us before and typically it had to be in a very busy Tesco Homestore on a Saturday lunch time.

I must have looked slightly panicked as a VERY nice shop assistant asked me if I was ok at which point Jon picked Sam up holding him at arms length to show the lady our problem. I have to say Tesco Homestore shop assistants are FANTASTIC. She laughed and then took Jon still holding Sam at arms length up the escalater to show him where the changing facilities were. She made sure that we had a nappy and wipes (they provide both instore!) and when we sheepishly admitted to not having a change of clothes with us went and got a really cute babygro for Sam to wear home which she wouldn't charge us for. Her colleague also took all of our shopping which was hanging off the buggy to the till for us so we could sort Sam out. They couldn't have been more helpful and were just so relaxed about it that rather than being really embarrassed and uncomfortable we were able to laugh about it (although we can obviously NEVER shop there again!)


  1. Wow what a fantastic store, if only everyone was like that everywhere,

    Thanks for sharing, I am sure you are giggling about it now.

    We have all been there, my son at 2 1/2 (potty training time) decided he could not hold it in any longer at the play park. EEEKKK No wipes no change of clothes as we were few minutes from home.

    As we were then living in spain and said playpark was on the beach I used the sand to clean him off, then he had to toddle home leaving a slight whiff behind.

  2. That is quite funny though! It's something you can threaten to reveal to his mates when he is having a teenager moment!

  3. Oh this really made me laugh.
    But am really pleased that the Tesco staff were so kind to you x

  4. That was really good of them, its such a pity you can't go back:)

    Still definitely one to old against him when he's older.

  5. It's great when people are actually helpful, you can definately tell the ones who have kids themselves. A good while ago, I went to Cafe Nero with a screaming unwell Emily who needed changing. Instead of making us feel in the way, the lady just said for me to sort Em out and she would get me a drink. She would not let me pay either. Em and I are now loyal customers! Kate x


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