Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Heres one I made earlier....

I've been feeling pretty motivated over the last week or so and have actually managed to finish some things. So ta is the 'No Sew Tu Tu' modelled by Izzy who is also wearing a black leotard that I used to wear to ballet. My mum had kept it and gave it back to me last week. The very idea that I did ballet is hilarious as I am really clumsy and uncoordinated and not in the slightest bit graceful! Lets hope Izzy doesn't take after me. She is so desperate to start ballet lessons.

I also sussed out the shirring elastic. Thanks for all the good advice. I love this dress. Its slightly too big for Izzy but looks great although Izzy took an instant dislike to it and refuses to wear it because 'it is white' and apparently she will only wear things I make that are pink or green. I tried to explain that it has pink and green flowers on it but she wasn't having it and I couldn't be bothered to argue. Thanks to Amanda at Kitschy Coo for the great free tutorial.

I also made some more bibs. These will hopefully be in my folksy/misi shop soon

And finally (because I dont want to leave him out because he is just sooo cute at the moment) here is Sam who is nearly one. We've forgiven him for the Tesco poo incident!!


  1. Super fab retro bibs. Izzy looks every bit the ballerina. Such a cool tu tu - no sew! How cool is that. And yes Samkins does look particularly cute!

  2. Great work, you've been busy! So glad you managed to figure out the shirring...

    Love those bibs :)

  3. What a lucky little girl you have with a mum that can make such gorgeous goodies x

  4. Hi, very impressed with all your makes especially the tutu. I tried to make one but it all went very wrong and I ended up having to buy one. Kate xx


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