Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Grumpy Old Women

I was quite grumpy yesterday. I shouted at my other half and sulked for hours (overnight!) because he made a coffee and walnut cake. Why was I so upset that he had made a coffee cake I hear you ask??? Because coffee cake is the ONLY cake in the whole world that I DON'T like!! Apparently I told him to make whatever he wanted when we were discussing whether the cake should be lemon (my favourite), chocolate (second favourite) or coffee (urghhhhhhhhh!). I have no recollection of this conversation at all. If I did say it then what I OBVIOUSLY meant was 'make whatever you want as long as its lemon or chocolate'. Men! No idea. As I lay sulking in bed I realised that I have actually become much grumpier with age. I think its probably due to the lack of sleep that comes with children. Anyone else become a grumpy old woman?

Have bought some gorgeous things on folksy in the last couple of weeks.

This gorgeous jug cover from Silky Prudence is for my friend Debi - don't tell her though as she went off on holiday on her birthday and I haven't given it to her yet. Perfect for that jug of Pims in the garden.

A gorgeous personalised keepsake box for my friends new baby from Made in Hearts

and Emily Pickle is having a sale!! I bought 3 t shirts and some fabric and they are all gorgeous!

Also check out the Kitschy Coo blog as she is having a giveaway. Not one but two patterns up for grabs . Its the one I tested for her! http://kitschycoo.blogspot.com/2009/07/giveaways-go-go.html


  1. How dare he make coffee cake, the cheek of it. He should KNOW what you mean without you actually having to say it. Tsk tsk. That said - your bloke can actually make cakes (even if they are the wrong ones)that's not bad going. May be don't trade him in just yet, ohh and buy more lemons next week ...

  2. If my husband made a cake I think I'd die of shock. That being said, I'd be mad if he did make a cake that he knew I didn't like. I had an ex that would deliberately buy sweeties with nuts because I don't like them and he wouldn't have to share :(

    Thanks for the mention of my giveaway!

  3. Mine would have out grumpied me because I didn't like something he had spent ages making. On another note, you'd think after nearly 13 years he would have learnt how to read my mind! (Although he tends to go for telling me what I'm thinking instead!) Annoys the hell out of me.

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  5. Oh dear, I'm afraid I'd have LOVED the coffee and walnut cake and probably have died from the shock of my OH actually managing to find the oven, let alone make a cake!!!

    I've been given instructions to make a lemon drizzle cake this weekend so you can have some of mine :)


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