Friday, 31 July 2009

Gina Ford Where are you???

OK I need some help. Sam my nearly one year old has gone from being perfect sleeping baby (sleeping through at 6 weeks) to complete nightmare non sleeping baby. I can no longer smugly smile when friends talk about sleepless nights with screaming babies and its a bit of a shock I can tell you. He goes to sleep ok but now wakes up at about 8.30pm and screams until someone goes in the room when he instantly lies down and closes his eyes again. The minute however you leave the room he gets up and SCREAMS the place down. We then do this for several hours - go in, stop crying, leave room, start screaming. Its so much fun!! He has managed to step his crying up a notch too. If he gets no response he cranks it up until he starts coughing and sounds like he is going to be sick which of course ALWAYS gets a response from us. We usually end up picking him up and rocking him until he falls asleep again. Once he's properly asleep hes usually fine until morning. Thing is I want my evenings back. Its the only time I get to do stuff away from the kids. So what to do?? Am I being a wuss - do I just do controlled crying?? Any suggestions??

Hes actually sat on my knee right now as I type this one handed at 10.30pm!!! Love this photo of him but hes probably laughing at me in the picture thinking 'sucker!'


  1. What a fantastic photo of Samkins! Poor you. I expect you are feeling slightly hysterical by now. Really really difficult as the crying thing just pulls a cord with us mums and it is so hard to just walk away - BUT if you are at the end of your tether why not give the controlled crying thing a go again (sure you said you'd tried this - but hey, what the heck). If all else fails get back on the wine and find some heavy duty ear-muffs! Or pad out Samkins room with all your old egg boxes and soundproof his room... just a couple of useful(less) suggestions. xxx

  2. poor you there is nothing worse than sleep issues!! my daughter (now nearly 8) was very difficult at this age and we found white noise helped a lot! we bought a white noise machine which has different options (heartbeat, ocean etc) and she still uses it now! i think you can get cd's of them as well ......
    good luck - have just found your blog today and enjoyed reading back through your posts :-)
    Lesley x

  3. the joys of bedtime shennanigans ( is that how you spell it!?!) thats why I generally share my bed with both kids!. My daughter Maisy never went in her cot or bed we tried all sorts even putting a radio on low in her room because she fell asleep in front of the telly so we thought that might work, yeah right!, she's 6 now! and we are trying the bribery approach, "if we decorate your bedroom in hello kitty stuff will you stay in there"!! good luck and perserve we were better with our son and he is in his own bed till about 6am i dont think your being a wuss its really really hard when they dont sleep at night, I like the white noise idea I would definately try that

  4. Hi, on waking up at 8.30, I would just calmly and quickly go through the same bedtime routine as usual, nappy etc - but less fun - and pop back in cot. Sounds like he is in habit of getting up now but will be getting even more tired!
    If all else fails, I would put it down to teething or a cold and give calpol for a couple of nights just to get back sleeping pattern & routine. xxx


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