Saturday, 4 July 2009

Diary of a pattern tester - DAY 2

1) Bribe other half to take both children out for the afternoon. (Don't worry he got to go mountain biking this morning!).

2) Read tutorial instructions for the tenth time.


4) Go back to tutorial instructions. Realise dont know centemetres from inches. Sheepishly ask other half to explain 3/8 inch as he is going out the door. Realise am complete dimwit

5) Go to sewing room then leave again for motivational cup of tea and biscuit.

6) Browse folksy forums as avoidance tactic. Consider mopping kitchen floor and starting other unecessary household tasks as avoidance tactic.

7) Re-enter sewing room. Iron on interfacing.

8) Turn on sewing machine. The one that HATES me (see earlier post). Start sewing.

9) Check out wimbledon mens final.

10) Find pattern remarkably EASY!!!!!

11) Finish - just as Roger Federer wins wimbledon. Want to cry with pride (about my achievement not his!) Even my other half is impressed. Have to bribe Izzy to try it on and have photo taken hence the dark photos (check out Roger in the background tho!)

Amanda at Kitschy Coo is a genius! The pattern and tutorial were so easy to follow and the finished article looked brilliant. Really really professional. The only thing I would do differently is use a lighter weight interfacing on the top part. I didnt realise the one I had was so thick. I'm so motivated now that I'm going to try the free tutorial for a shirred dress on Amandas blog next. Check it out


  1. It's totally gorgeous! I'm very impressed. Thanks for your purchases, I have just bought something of yours that I have had my eye on for a while. It's not for me of course

  2. Looks amazing, great job! Thanks so much for testing this for me :)

  3. It looks lovely, well done!


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