Saturday, 20 June 2009

Who's the daddy?

Want to post about Jon (my other half) on Fathers Day. He's a brilliant hands on dad and I couldnt do it without him. I'm often very grumpy to him so just want to say that really I think he's great! Will he be able to resist looking at the blog now when I tell him there are photos of him on it?? We're off to a donkey derby tomorrow - should be interesting!! In case you're wondering what we're feeding our 10 month old - its his first jelly lovingly made by his great grandma. Not sure Annabel Karmel would approve but he loved it!
Been really rubbish at making stuff over the last few weeks. Been distracted by hospital visits obviously but also the garden and especially the computer!! Next week I'm back to it. Often I just dont know where to start because I have so many ideas so I'm going to do something simple that I've been meaning to try for a while. Going to try and make some cute hair clips. How do other people find the time/motivate themselves to make stuff? particularly those with kids?


  1. I too suffer from too many ideas and sometimes get myself in a pickle wondering what to focus on. In yoga thay say that you have to wait for the silt to settle before the lotus flower is revealed. So let all your ideas go and then whichever come back to you and really sticks, that's what you need to be focusing on. Your partner sounds wonderful. And all children should sample brightly coloured jelly at least once in their lives!!

  2. True words, Nifty! I have too many ideas in my head. It regularly holds me back from creating. I find it really hard with the children, you just can't hear yourself think. Little hands taking buttons from under your nose...aaarrgh! Wouldn't change it though.
    Lovely pic of your hubby & little one.
    Long live the jelly! x


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