Friday, 5 June 2009

Taking the Handmade Pledge!

I took the handmade pledge today. Going to really try and buy cool handmade stuff for presents for family and friends from now on. Check out the website if you haven't already (I'm usually months behind everyone else tho!) I even managed to get the handmade badge onto my blog. I am soooooo impressed with my computer skills. Thought I would make a start and show some things I'm thinking of buying for some birthdays which are coming up....

For the men who have everything (i.e my brother and other half ) this amazing wine bottle holder....

I've got this already for my other halves fathers day present from Izzy and Sam and it is amazing. Its really lovely reclaimed wood and it works but i dont know how it possibly can??? Have to also give a bottle of wine to go with it obviously!

For the sister in law - one of these gorgeous sunglass cases from plain jane textiles - not sure which colour tho. Which one would you guys go for?

For my 9 year old niece - these gorgeous friendship bracelets from More Cake Designs so she can have one and give one to her best friend!

Have also found lots of really lovely stuff I want to buy for myself and Izzy and Sam but thats another post! Very excited to sell one of my coloured pencil rolls last night. Posted it off today so hope they like it! Starting to feel a bit better after a week of being ill so hoping to finish a fabric nought and crosses set i've been trying to make tonight. I'll post a picture when I do so I can get some feeedback!


  1. I really like the blue or yellow glasses case! I've been meaning to take the 'handmade pledge' myself for a while. I'm off to visit it now. Thanks for the reminder x

  2. i really like the yellow glasses case, i have made the handmade pledge but not sure how to get the badge onto my blog?

  3. @ Mollimoo. Thanks for colour choices. I just cant make up my mind!

    @JD by Laura
    Think you must have sussed the handmade badge as it seems to be on your blog now!


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