Thursday, 18 June 2009

Take That and Party!

First of all thanks to everybody who left lovely messages on the post about Sam being in hospital. It was lovely to read them all. He is MUCH MUCH better now and back to his usual happy self which is great.

After much umming and aahing about leaving Sam for the evening I was finally persuaded to go and see TAKE THAT last night! Luckily Sam was much perkier and Cardiff is only an hour away so I met up with my sister in law Liz and 65,000 other middle aged woman (and a few shifty looking men) to see them. It was brilliant! Just what I needed after a really stressful couple of days - a few warm beers and a bit of a dance to get rid of the pent up stress levels. They were great - did all the old classics (including some hilarious camp dancing from the early days - see picture below to get the idea) and some great new ones. I have also switched my affections from Mark to ............Howard. Now thats a surprise!


  1. lol, I was an old take thater too, I was a mark fan too, but now turned to Jason, how strange.

    Ohh and shhhh please don't tell anyone.

  2. No way - Howard! I am surprised. Did he pull the moves???!

  3. Howard lives in the same town as me, he is sometimes spotted early in the morning at the supermarket, unfortunately my favorite is mark:-( . Maybe this is a good thing though, especially for my husband!! Bet you had a wonderful time.


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