Friday, 26 June 2009

Stumble it!

My other half has been going on about a website called Stumble Upon for a while now but I didnt really take much notice until yesterday. Now I am completely addicted. Basically you register your details and tell it your interests (I put in craft and gardening) and it trawls the web for you and finds websites that might be of interest. You get a little toolbar on your computer and click the 'stumble' button to get different sites. You can then give them the thumbs up or down depending on whether you like them or not. Its great. I have found lots of random craft websites that are really interesting and found great craft tutorials for making crayons, turning junk mail into gift bags and putting zips in things! Also found a great gardening site called where people plant up scruffy city centres under the cover of darkness! A fellow folksy seller also mentioned in a forum that its good to get your own websites and blogs on Stumble. People interested in the things you tag may then get to randomly see your website. I think it also helps with raising the profile of your website generally in search engines?? (Don't quote me on that tho - I kind of go a bit fuzzy when people talk to me about computers!) Its also great for wasting hours of your time when you should be doing something more constructive instead!!


  1. I love stumble and agree its completly addictive.

  2. God - this is another thing I'm going to get addicted too! I'm going to have to ration the computer soon so I do not have permanent square eyes! Hurrah for the Guerrilla Gardeners!


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