Sunday, 7 June 2009

Running scared!

OH MY GOD!!! - its only a week until the Race for Life and I've trained exactly 4 times since (stupidly) agreeing to enter it a few months ago. What was I thinking? This week I meant to run at least 3 times and! My only excuse is that I have been ill with a horrible sickness bug. So I only have 5 days left to train and the last time I went running was embarrassing as I had to walk half the way and that was only 3k. Oh well I suppose as long as I finish thats the most important thing and it doesn't matter if I walk on the day. If I ever mention running or race again please shoot me!

Caught up with my Australian friend Tam today as she was over visiting from Perth for a family wedding. We used to be work buddies and drinking buddies in the days before we had babies and then first time mums together. She moved back to Perth several years ago. She was laughing about the fact I have a blog so to surprise her (shut her up!) when she gets home I'm going to post a picture of her and talk about 5 funny things I remember about our time together.....

  1. Her throwing up in my garden and being carried home by her husband (we had both just been made redundant and celebrated with a glass of wine or 2!)
  2. The night she tried to drunkenly reinact the video to 'Dirty' by Christina Aguilera in a dodgy Bristol nightclub. It was not a pleasant sight and is etched in my memory FOREVER.
  3. Days of sitting in my garden with our new babies trying to think up money making schemes so we didnt have to go back to work. Yes we did actually try and buy a chocolate fountain business!
  4. The fact that on my first date with my now partner I sat on my phone by mistake and without realising automatically dialled her home number meaning that she had about 3 hours of our late night first date conversation on her home answerphone.
  5. Her willingness to confront anybody she saw doing something dishonest or wrong i.e people shoplifting or trying to steal cars despite my constant reminders that she would get herself killed. Must be an Australian thing.
I miss her!!

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  1. Run forest run! You'll be fine on the day don't worry - the event and spirit of everyone doing it together will carry you through and if all else fails walk!!! Ha! Good luck.


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