Tuesday, 23 June 2009

My sewing machine hates me!

I'm scared of my sewing machine. Seriously. Last year I traded in the trusty machine that I had used since I was 14 and upgraded to a new fancy pants one. My other half wanted to buy himself a Wii games console (apparently because our 3 year old daughter would like it?!) and so decided that maybe I should have a new sewing machine to keep me quiet. Its lovely but I'm not used to it yet and it really scares me. Its got too many buttons and gadgets that I can't work out how to use. I snapped the needle the second time I used it and it made a HORRIBLE noise. I'm terrified of breaking it because it was quite expensive and already I can't get the needle threader thing to work. I know that it can do lots of fancy things but I'm not sure I'm up to its high standards. Its a thoroughbred racehorse and I'm a learner rider and thats why it hates me. Does anyone else have this problem?

My mum is very clever and has just made this beautiful cot bed quilt to put in my folksy shop. Its absolutely gorgeous and I really want to keep it for my daughter but I know that she is having a special one made just for her so we can't keep it. The fabric on this one is really pretty and very 'shabby chic' and its got really soft fleece on the back. Theres a little bit of fabric left over and my mum can't decide whether to make a cushion cover or a little drawstring pyjama bag to go with it. What do you think?


  1. Pj drawstring bag, it's a fun way to be tidy! I think cushions look nice if the don't directly match. Very clever mum love the fabric.

  2. Hi, find out when your sewing machine warranty is up (they usually have a 2 yr guarantee) Then you can stop worrying about it breaking and get used to using it and if it breaks, take it back. My other half wants a wii for our two year old too (although I wouldn't mind the wii fit thing). The bed cover is gorgeous. I love the fabric and would not be able to part with it personally! Kate x

  3. You have a very clever mum! Go on keep the quilt, you know you want to! Can you do virtual sewing via the new wii?

  4. Wow what a clever Mum! Love the quilt. Will be hard to part with it - but cannot wait to see what clever mum has made for Izzy??? Don't be scared of your sewing machine - it looks BRILLIANT. It won't be long the "thoroughbred" will be "racing" along, churning out super Sew Scrumptious originals!

  5. You do have a clever Mum. Did you sell it quick sharp or is it on Isabells's bed. (I would most definately have kept it)
    The Blog prize is so much nicer than the coke and squid!)

  6. Yes, I'd be scared of that machine too. It might eat me.



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