Sunday, 14 June 2009

From couch potato to Paula Radcliffe!

I did it!!! I finished the 5k Race For Life and I ran ALL the way!! My other half is sick of hearing about it already as I am pretty proud of myself and haven't stopped talking about it since. I've raised £205 for cancer research so far with a few more donations to come. It was an amazing day. I was running in memory of my mother in law Cath Stewart who very sadly died last year of ovarian cancer aged 61 just 4 weeks after my son was born so it was very emotional. I was also thinking about my 2 aunties (Carol and Beryl) who are fighting cancer at the moment. I am now feeling very motivated and inspired tho and am even considering a 10k race. It must be the endorphins! I was a bit disappointed that I didn't get one of those shiny silver foil blanket things to put round me at the end but I did get a medal! Well worth doing even if I can't walk today cos my legs hurt so much! See my before and after shots!

BIG thanks to Leanne at Seethewoods who has designed and edited the most brilliant promotional magazine for sellers of all things handmade on Folksy. Its called Go Handmade. Check out issue 1 here
I'm on the cover too - how exciting is that? Please feel free to add to your blogs or print out and distribute. Its good for all sellers on Folksy if we can get the Folksy brand out there

Talking of folksy and buying handmade. I bought this a couple of days ago from Haptree. Its a wristlet and bead kit and is completely gorgeous. Its for a present but I want it for myself and I wish I had made it. Lovely!

Last but not least I sent off the prize from my giveaway to Madam Salami. A VW Camper Van tooth fairy cushion for her son Toby. I got a bit carried away and also made a little name thing for him too. I hope he likes it!


  1. Well done you! Fantastic! Don't worry about missing out on a foil blanket - grab some tin foil from your kitchen cupboard and jog around your house! You can smugly chill now and have a soothing bath to recover. Great cause, very thought provoking. x

  2. Well done, you should be very chuffed with yourself! For the run, the swanky purchase and the cute tooth pillow...

  3. Absolutely flippin brilliant - well done!

  4. Very well done - great cause. My father-in-law died aged 60 from a heart attack, 10 days before my eldest was born - it was a very tragic time, so I feel for you. I look at all 3 of my boys now and think how much he would have adored playing with them. Super running - have a nice relax now !

  5. Well Done! Shame about the turkey-foil blanket thing... maybe you'll get one for 10k!?

    Oh and a big thanks for the bead kit mention and link!


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