Friday, 19 June 2009

The comfort of strangers

I haven't really told anyone I know in my day to day life about my blog. Only 2 close friends know about it and one of those lives in Australia. Is that weird? I'm quite happy to ramble on when I dont think anyone I know is reading but the thought of people I actually know following the blog really freaks me out. My other half has been sworn to secrecy about it and even my parents dont know. I'm not sure why this is? I think I'm actually quite shy although I dont think people who know me would particularly agree (particularly after a few glasses of wine!). I guess I will never know if you guys choose not to read a post or roll your eyes at my inane wittering but people I know would have to pretend to like it and I would never know what they really thought! I'm really interested to know if anyone else feels like this???

Whats even stranger to me is that my other half has never read my blog. Its not that he isn't interested in what I do - hes just not into craft or blogging and so not really bothered about reading it. I could NEVER do that. If it were the other way round I would not be able to rest until I had found the link and checked out what he was saying! Going to blog about him on fathers day tho and tell him and see if I can make him crack!


  1. How funny - I'm in the same position ! My husband was shocked the other day when he walked in the room & saw my blog. He knew I'd started one but hadn't expected me to continue it.

    I also haven't really told many friends about my jewellery making. Most know that I do it and have seen pictures on facebook etc, but not many know I have a Misi shop & sell stuff. I am planning to tell them soon, but I don't really feel confident enough yet to do so. And they certainly don't know about the blog yet !

  2. Mine too!! The only tiome he showed the slight bit of interest in my HerePrettyKitty blog was recently when I did a VW tribute, and even then I don't think he read it just looked at the photos!!

  3. I admit I'm slightly weirded out that people I 'know' read my blog but my husband, in-laws, and my family in the States do and recently I've found out that some of my old friends from high school and university do to! And *gasp* two mothers from J's nursery, that really blew my mind and made me feel very shy. Nobody I 'know' ever comments though, so I do worry what they think!

  4. My husband didn't read mine either until he tryied googling a couple of thngs on the blackberry and kept getting yours truly:) So now he reads occassionally. I sign off all my emails with my blog and shop url so most of the people I know in real life know I have a blog, but whether or not they read it I don't know.

    It is a bit weird at first though.

    Wait until you take a trip to your all time favourite beach which used to be empty and now its packed and see how weird you feel when you can see people looking at your daughter as though they recognise her from somewhere. It could be paranoia but I swear I've never seen that beach so packed in my entire life:)

  5. It's funny how personal blogs can be. I'm not sure who I know who reads mine! I've not hidden it from people but I'm guessing they've looked once and never been back!

    My other half does check it out on occasion but since crafts/jewellery isn't really his thing it's not on his top ten of blogs . . . !

  6. You might find it interesting how I found you-this blog. I was making a Facebook post to a friend and wanted an image of a friendship bracelet to attach to the post. I use the search engine (because it does *not* log IP's and rates very high for security). I clicked 'Photos' at, typed in friendship bracelet and your blog was in the 4th row down, 2nd from left :)

    I related to your comments about blogging. I have a lifetime account at LJ but don't use it. 'Use like a diary and keep it totally private, just for me' or 'invite select people, family and friends to read if they wish', or 'make it public'. I still can't decide, many, many years after getting my LJ.

    When I know others will be reading, I write differently, I edit myself somewhat. Do I really want to share my every personal mental machination? Umm, hell no, lol. The 'weird' title I can brag about. To go full-out in a blog as if noone were looking? Why, that'd put me in another, probably not yet defined in the Psychological Reference book, level. (g)

    I wish I had the guts to use my LJ as a diary, write like noone was watching and invite family and friends. I REALLY wish I had the guts to use my LJ as a diary and make it public, comments turned on .

    I positively love finding online journals that seem to be kept as a diary, letting it ALL hang out while the world looks on. They're the best! I wonder what it is that causes us to, or to wish to, edit ourselves so.

    It seems we're aren't alone in the discomfort of letting it all hang out in spite of who's looking :)

    p.s. I'm very much into crafts and being creative so will be bookmarking and returning.



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