Sunday, 24 May 2009

Random acts of kindness

Just about recovered from my big night out in Bath. We had a great time drinking champagne cocktails! I'm the one in the butterfly top. Thanks to the lovely Debi for arranging - we had a fab time shopping on Saturday but completely ran out of time. I feel another trip happening very soon.....

I joined Folksy to sell some of my things a couple of months ago and have been amazed by the lovely people I have come into contact with since joining and chatting in the forums. A couple of people in particular tho have really restored my faith in human nature with some really kind and thoughtful deeds so I want to repay them by mentioning them here and showing some of the lovely things that they make.

No. 1 is Tracey at Nifty Thrifty who not only embroidered my shop name on a postcard for a postcard swap we did but also sent me a gorgeous handmade brooch to go with it. She also put one of my baking bags on her website when I was feeling very nervous about selling my things which was a great confidence boost for me. She make fabulous things from recycled fabric including these amazing backgammon sets. Great for a fathers day present!

No. 2 is Leanne at Seethewoods. I mentioned in one of the forums that I was a bit of a technophobe and couldn't get my shop banner or avaktar right. Leanne read this and then went and designed and emailed me a selection to choose from! I would never have got round to doing this and it makes my shop look much more professional. Leanne also set up the 'folksy Teams' networking site and is also designing and editing a 'zine' to help promote the folksy website. She makes gorgeous things from fabric including this lovely apple cushion

Last but not least is Kate at Emily Pickle who when I mentioned that I wanted to try and experiment with printing my own labels posted me some computer transfer paper so I could try it out along with some instructions. She also saved my bacon when I needed a last minute present by making a custom t shirt for me and posting it direct to my cousin within 24 hours. Thats what I call service! Kates tshirts are gorgeous, both my children have them and they make great presents!

So thanks to all the above people who probably don't realise how much they brightened up my day with their kind acts. I hope that I can do the same to someone elses day soon!


  1. Thank you so much:) Thats made my day too now.

    I love those tshirts, must head over and take a look.

  2. Congratultaions on your new blog. Thank you so much for your kind and generous words I'm chuffed to crafty pieces. Wishing you fun and success in the blogosphere x

  3. Thanks very much for lovely mention and the link. (will be checking out the other links also). I'm always happy to help whenever I can. I would like to thank you for being my first (and best) customer on Folksy, inviting me to join the Folksy forum and all the kind things you have said about my work. Looking forward to seeing your labels and reading lots more of your blog. Glad you enjoyed your night out, love the butterfly top!


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