Friday, 22 May 2009

Party party and new ideas

I'm having a night out tonight! Me and my friend Debi are leaving our children with their dads and going for a night out in Bath. Not only that we are staying in a hotel over night and going shopping the next day!!!! Am very excited. We got a special deal in a travel lodge hotel (think Alan Partridge!)which made it cheaper than a taxi home. Shopping with no kids!! A couple of years ago this would have meant a big night out, lots to drink, going to see a band and maybe a bit of dancing too. Now we will probably go for some food, have a few beers and talk kids, sewing and gardening. How times change!

My lovely mum bought me back some cute things from her holiday in portugal including some gorgeous ribbon and these really sweet little mini dolls.

I have an idea for the dolls. Would love to know what people think. In my former life I was a social worker working with children and families. I spent a lot of time with children in care and worked with a fantastic foster carer who told me about 'worry dolls'. I think they come from Guatemala. These are tiny little dolls in mini drawstring bags that you give to children to keep. If the children feel anxious or worried about something they simply get out the little mini doll when they go to bed, tell them their worries, put them under their pillow and in the morning the dolls will have taken the worries away. The idea being to get children to offload their worries rather than keeping them locked inside. The idea has always stuck in my mind and when i got these little dolls I wondered whether I could make something similar - well make the bag and some little instruction cards. What do you think??

Don't forget that the tooth fairy cushion giveaway still open to the end of the month - tell your friends with children!!

Have a good bank holiday week-end. x


  1. Hi, have a great night out - whatever one of those is! Love the dolls & the fabric in the background! The worry doll thing is a great idea and some could be good luck charms? Have a fab weekend, Kate x

  2. I liked reading the story about the worry dolls, I have never heard of it before. I think it is a great idea. Have a nice weekend. Your blog looks great. Hugs

  3. I have heard of them and think they are a fantastic idea, children do all sorts of role play with toys/teddies so they really work and people would use them for there children.

    I remember my first son, treating his favortie teddy like a baby soon after I had my second son, it was like he was working through the changes to our family of three via winne the poo.

    I am on a more serious note extremley jeolus of your night out (and away) from your brood, boo hoo my husband is away until mid June and has been away since March. Vote here if you think I deserve a weekend off when he returns (lol).

  4. Gina you def need a week-end off!! We had a drink for you on our night out! Its tough enough looking after children when theres two of you. Not long to go til June now. x

  5. Great idea with the dolls. I wasn't so original and attached mine to a hat and scarf set that I have made for Top Ender (just don't tell her)


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