Wednesday, 20 May 2009

New blog and new tooth!

I've finally decided to bite the bullet and do a blog! This is my first post so welcome to anyone who is actually reading it (you obviously need to get out more!!). To celebrate this special day my little boy Sam has also finally decided to get his first tooth! Hurrah!! Was getting slightly concerned as he is now 9 months old but finally just as the books it is. To celebrate this truly great day I thought I would do a GIVEAWAY!! Yes I'm giving away one of my tooth fairy cushions in honour of Sam's first tooth. Just leave me a comment saying why you should win and I will choose a lucky winner at the end of the month. The winner can either choose a tooth fairy cushion from my shop or I will make them a new personalised one (boy or girl).

Check Sam out wearing his cool new rocket t shirt made by the lovely Kate @ Emily Pickle.

I'm pretty happy as have sold 2 things (buggy blanket & baking bag) in the last 2 days. One on Folksy and one on Misi. I have loads of ideas for new stuff but just need to find the time to make it - not easy with 2 young children. Bought some gorgeous fabric which I cant wait to get started on. Next projects are some little bags/purses, a fabric travel noughts and crosses set (??!!) and some hair clips.

May seems to be the party season for Isabella age 3 with a party every week-end this month (I remember those days!!) I decided that rather than frantically looking for a last minute present to take to the party, I should make the gift instead (we'll see how long this lasts!) so I made a personalised apron for Hannah and a gingham coloured pencil roll for Phoebe. What do you think? Quite pleased with both.

Just got back from a run...well a walk!! I've entered myself into the Race for Life in a months time. Anybody who knows me knows that I HATE exercise of any form. I was doing quite well but a bout of tonsilitis stopped the training regime and tonight was terrible. Got really bad stitch and had to walk most of the way. Usually run with a friend and gossip most of the way round - found running on my own much more difficult.

Ok thats it for my first post, gotta go and do important stuff (well watch the Apprentice!)

Thanks for reading......x


  1. Hi Louise, your blog looks great, I love the background! I like you idea of handmade presents, I try and do the same for my little girl's friends birthdays. I would love to enter your giveaway although I hope it's a few years before any of us lose any teeth! Good luck with the blog and thanks very much for the link. I look forward to reading more of your blogging soon! Kate xxx

  2. I love the blog and the presents. I would like to be considered to win as my little boy also nine months just got his two bottom teeth. (and typical it was the day after his dad had to go away so he missed it)
    Take care, keep blogging.
    Fiona. (your newest follower)

  3. Your blog looks great, lovely photos too! I love your crayon rolls xx

  4. Hello! Debi here. Love the blog. Can't believe Sam has his first tooth. Congratulations!!! Momentous day. Super personalised aprons and LOVE the crayon rolls. Good luck with your running! Lots of love your biggest fan x

  5. Hello Louise and welcome to the land of blogging! I love to blog and usually talk a lot about my grandson Archie, who would love one of your wonderful tooth fairy pillows. He is 1 today and although it will be a few years before he needs your pillow he would really very much like one.
    Mandy xxx Nanna to Archie x

  6. Hi! What a lovely blog. Really love your aprons they are fantastic.
    I would very much like to win one of your tooth fairy cushions please! I have two boys, my youngest is coming up two so a little way off loosing any teeth just yet but my eldest is nearly 8 and has only lot his front 4 so far! He's very proud of his tooth fairy - who's name is Buttercup Rainbow-Wand, by the way ;)

  7. Thanks for the comments everyone. I can't believe I've actually got followers and comments!! I'm so excited. Will choose a winner at the end of the month for the tooth fairy cushion.
    Louise x
    p.s Buttercup Rainbow-Wand is a genius name!!

  8. I totally agree. Buttercup Rainbow-Wand is absolutely fantastic. When my little boy Sawyer is older enough to have teeth falling out, I may have to use that name too. Sooooo sweet!


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