Thursday, 28 May 2009

My heart is broken...

Today is the last ever episode of ER. I am heartbroken. What am I going to do on Thursdays now? It seems like I have been watching ER forever. Its like an old friend. I am gutted!!

My top 5 ER moments - please feel free to add your own

1) George Clooney - Dr Ross - say no more!!
2) Dr Greene dying - he was just soooo nice.
3) Dr Carters baby dying - I was pregnant and wept for hours
4) Carter and Lucy getting stabbed - again wept - a lot!!
5) Romano losing his arm in the helicopter incident. Never have I been sooo shocked by an episode of anything. Was so not expecting that!


  1. I used to love ER in the early days with the original cast (George Clooney). I haven't watched it for a good few years although did see the recent episode with GC - I like a happy ending!

  2. PS. Apart from no.1, your top moments are either sad or gory! I'm not good with either! Enjoy tonights episode, Kate xx

  3. Me also used to be an avid fan in the early days and then missed about 10 years ha! Catching the odd bit here and there but did watch nearly all of it tonight as it was such a momentus episode. Great to see all the original characters there. Was hoping for a few more dramas or cliffhangers but quite appropriate finale really with Docs doing what they do best!
    Your top 10:
    1: Defo!!!!
    2: Missed it but seen snippets, sooo wish I had seen that one but know I would have cried and cried.
    3: Saw it - awful! In floods too...that was around time I was pregnant too and highly emotional.
    4: Missed that.
    5: God! saw it - absolutely gob-smackingly disgustingly horrendous (if that sentence makes sense)

  4. I know what you mean when an series ends. I have been watching LOST ever since it started. Next season is the last, and I am going to miss it.


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